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Dear associates and friends – 

Aktopa is an international chemical distribution company. Since our launch in 2002, Aktopa has expanded its operations to serve a wide variety of industries with diverse chemical needs.  Today, we provide chemical solutions for clients that range from metal, automotive, and petroleum companies to makers of fertilizers, paints, and adhesives.  

Aktopa specializes in not only providing chemical products, but doing so in a manner that consistently responds to clients’ needs for timeliness, safety, and satisfaction. Our company executes a variety of chemical transport methods for bulk and packaged goods that include shipping by truck, rail, isotank both inland and transoceanic. Logistics are carefully planned for each individual client to ensure the most efficient method of delivery. 

Aktopa’s exceptional service is delivered by a highly-qualified team of professionals that consistently operate with integrity and excellence. Our goal is to develop and sustain positive business relationships – with both vendors and clients – that are long-lasting and productive. With many years of experience and a strong dedication to continuous improvement, Aktopa works to satisfy the needs of its current customers and welcomes new ones. We look forward to our work together! 


Jose Rodriguez 

Founder and President